About Marci Dwyer Executive Search

About Marci Dwyer Executive Search

Marci Dwyer Executive Search is a boutique executive search firm securing top leadership talent for numerous companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. 

Marci started her career in executive search over 15 years ago because she genuinely enjoys serving the company and the candidate.  She will only close the search when the right candidate is found, and has perfected her process so it would ensure this result. 

Marci has placed over 200 senior level candidates and above, with the majority of her candidates progressing into more senior level roles within their organizations. 

What makes Marci Dwyer Executive Search different?

  • Takes the time to learn about candidates and assess soft skills to see if they are a match for assimilation into the organization with relative ease. 
  • Starts fresh for each job and doesn’t recycle candidates. She does new research, tapping into her large network, and whenever a search demands it, she readily goes beyond that network. 
  • Never compromises on the quality of a candidate no matter how immediate the need. 
  • Completes her searches thoroughly and with velocity.