"Working with Marci was a pleasure – I worked very closely with her on a recent search and I found that she quickly understood our company culture which is so important in assessing candidate fit.  She was very thorough, focused and quick to bring qualified candidates to my attention.  I give her my highest recommendation!"

Cathy Pulos
SVP, Chief People and Chief Financial Officer


"Marci did an exceptional job in getting us a very qualified and diverse slate of candidates. I really like working with Marci because she is very in tune with making sure the candidates she puts forward would be good cultural fits. She puts her heart and soul into the searches and develops relationships with the candidates. She works fast too - we were able to fill a VP opening in just over a month! I highly recommend her."

Gregory Dudkin
PPL Electric Utilities


"I've had the opportunity to work with Marci on several key searches under some pretty challenging time constraints AND after having held searches open for several months. Marci's comprehensive but efficient process starts with listening well and getting clarity on what the most important needs/capabilities are. For us, this upfront effort lead to getting several highly qualified candidates and a terrific final selection in just a few weeks. As you can imagine, I'm looking forward to working with Marci again in the future and highly confident in her results.   

David Snow
Chief Commercial Officer
Radius Pharmaceuticals


"I have worked with Marci on a number of searches for Senior HR positions. Not only did Marci present us with excellent candidates that allow us to recruit talent in our organization, but the searches were performed in the most efficient manner. Marci works fast and in an upmost professional manner. Her capacity to follow through exceed any search firm I have ever used and I particularly appreciate that because this is where other search companies so often fail. In summary, Marci enabled us to recruit top talent in record time."

Valerie Gervais
VP Development and Recruitment
Saint-Gobain North America


"I have worked with Marci on a wide variety of roles.  I have never been disappointed.  I worked with her directly on every role.  She was extremely responsive and worked around my calendar and those in my company.  I saw viable candidates very quickly, and she filled the search very quickly.  Other than the swiftness of her search what I appreciate the most is the thoroughness with which she screens the candidate. I know that the candidates are checked for cultural fit as well as skill."

Lindsay Johnston
Senior Vice President, Operations


"Working with Marci was an absolute pleasure; she invests of herself personally in the process.  Marci gains a deep perspective on the employer needs and the culture of the organizations, and she takes the time to understand the skills and the make-up of the potential candidates.  Marci excels at developing relationships that are mutually beneficial!" 

John DeMaioribus
Vice President, Customer Service Strategy & Operations